NEW DATE: "Free at last...Free at last...Get on the Bus" on February 21

February 13, 2013

The Cheyney University Student Government Association (SGCA) has organized a "Get on the Bus" program for Feb. 21 to spark a serious discussion of action that can have an impact. The dialog will take place among Cheyney University students about issues which continue to linger in America. It is expected that best practices will be learned and a solid network for ongoing support will be established.

The "Get on the Bus" program is an initiative which was started several years ago by Cheyney University students, faculty, staff and alumni. Its focus is to  mobilize human, fiscal, socio-political, intellectual, spiritual, and technological resources to bring about the necessary changes within the systems affecting our lives - especially the lives of young Black Men and, increasingly, young Black Women.

This year's program is planned to expose students to social issues through intergenerational communication.   SGCA members, CU staff and faculty, including Sharon Thorn, Professors Barnes, Speers, Pugh and Miles, and student Homer Lane will lead the program.

A bus will depart on February 28 at 5 pm from the Marcus Foster Student Center, go to Coatesville, PA, and return to campus by 9:30 pm. Registration is $10 for adults and $5 for students. Payment should be made in advance at the Leslie Pinkney Hill Library. 

 Topics regarding bringing about change will include:                                        

1. Community Involvement, Mentoring, working with the youth                                                      □

2. The Prison Pipeline, Pre-Entry, Re-entry, Correctional programming                                                                                                           

3. The “Put a Ring on it” challenge… or other ideas in need of attention

 Topics to consider:

 "We now have a Black President of the United States and we are all finally free.... Right?"

 "Why,then, are there more African American people held in bondage today than there were in 1865 when the 13th Amendment was created to "abolish” slavery??"

 "Why do we have adolescents incarcerated for “life without parole” when they didn’t kill anyone or commit a violent crime?"

 "Why are 3rd and 4th grade reading scores used to determine the number and locations of prisons to be built?"

 "Yes, we have a President of the United States who changed history when he took the oath of office… and he has his role…but he knows (and we know) that it’s not really all about him, it’s about us."                                               

If things are to change in society, we must be the agents of change. 

RSVP via, by February 15 at 5 PM in order to confirm your attendance. More details will reach you in response to your RSVP. For more information call 610 399-2069.