Keystone Sophomore Attends DOW-MIT Access Symposium

October 23, 2012

Travonya Kenly was competitively selected to participate in the DOW-MIT Access symposium.  Travonya is a member of the Keystone Honors Academy, a sophomore biology/chemistry major, and the vice president of the student honors council.  

The DOW-MIT Access program is designed to increase the diversity of qualified applicants to PhD programs in chemistry, chemical engineering and material sciences. Students from all over the country, including Puerto Rico, are accepted into this program. The weekend of this symposium is filled with educational and informative events, conducted by the MIT faculty and graduate students, that introduce the students to the benefits of a graduate education in chemistry, chemical engineering and material science. The goal of the symposium is to introduce the students to the advantages of choosing a graduate school and career path that best meets the individual student's needs. 
Upon returning from Cambridge, Massachusetts, Travonya gushed with enthusiasm. "My experience was amazing. I was housed in the historic Kendall Hotel, which is right around the corner from the MIT campus. On the first night I participated in a meet and greet with MIT graduate students, which helped pair us with mentors and prepare us for the program.  The workshops and seminars that we took part in were very educational and informative. They provided us with information about the graduate school admissions process, and shared insight about what graduate schools look for on applications, how graduate school works, research options, and careers options.  There was even a communication workshop in which we were taught all different types of communication and how people make simple mistakes when communicating with someone," Travonya explained.
"If it wasn't for Mrs. Heidi Wood-Tucker, I wouldn't have even found this wonderful program. I gained a great deal from this experience. I have gained presentation, communication, leadership, and responsibility skills going through this symposium. I would recommend this symposium to anyone who is interested in attending graduate school for the sciences. MIT is most definitely on my list to apply to for graduate school!"