L'Original Design Team Puts on a Show

October 25, 2012

Cope Hall was a transformed space on the evening of October 19 - the lights were lowered and intimate spaces had been created with drapes and lighting.  Chairs were carefully lined up in special red-carpeted areas. Boutiques were selling handmade accessories and clothing and the cool rich lighting contrasted to the deep pulsing rhythmns coming from the DJs sound system.  As fashionable guests trickled in, the mood was being set for a VIP event - a show presented by The Royal Family L'Originale.

According to L'Originale, a recently revived Cheyney University fashion club, "Fashion is a lifestyle and we live it!" With a cast of 24 models, they shared that lifestyle magnificently. As the models changed between scenes, the audience was treated to a Spoken Word performance by Erica Irving wearing a fashionable mashup of skinny pants and tall boots. According to Irving, "These words are my fashion." Music predominated, with Jared Selby singing  "Keeping You in My Prayers," Kara Craig's musical tribute for Breast Cancer Awareness and guest band PRIDEtheGlory.
The cast was introduced by host Nicole Walker, and things moved quickly as the designs by L'Originale Design Team hit the runway. With amazing variety each piece complimented the other, while having it's own personality.  Designer Khaleel Salaam's GEEK Clothng Inc. had a  cool energy, and the bespeckled models came across as very, very cool geeks. The crowd's applause indicated their enthusiastic approval. Under the banner of Zombie Flydnation, designers Charles Holmes, Yasin Nahl, Maurice Rainey and Najie embraced the past with graceful flowing styles. While in the spotlight, the designers took the opportunity to recognize the club's past president, Donzelle Tiller, who was seated in the crowd. The La Lettre Boursier's fashions by L'Originale Stylists took prep styles into new dimensions. Sweaters and shoes were a predominant element as the models flaunted handbags and weekend luggage with immense style. 

Rather than the usual calvaclade of models, the show ended with a dramatic scene in which the models appeared in a still tableaux with purple and silver stagelights focused on them. One by one, each  gracefully took one last turn on the runway until the last one left on stage was the founder of L'Originale, Jamal Morrison.  As he took in the applause, he reminded the audience that "all styles, makeup and hair was done in house - we're going to give you something to talk about."