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Monthly Report Projects in Development or Construction & Facilities Activity

May 16, 2011

Marian Anderson Music Center Renovation DGS-403-79 – This Capital Project whose value is 3.2 million dollars completed its construction phase in May 2010 with punch list work completed in June 2010. The Minority Professional was Cueto Kearney Architects of Swarthmore, PA. The project renovated the music center and teaching facility. The bid awards were made in mid June 2009 and construction will continue through June 2010. The General Contractor is Contracting Systems Inc of Quakertown, Pa. whose award was $1,864,000. The Mechanical Contractor is Allstates Mechanical of Broomall, Pa whose award was $1,370,000. The Electrical Contractor is Westcott Electrical Inc of Glen Riddle, Pa whose award was $718,000. The Plumbing Contractor is TMI Commercial Inc. of Honeybrook, Pa whose award was $474,940. The initial construction work included a water main repair and waterproofing of the electrical vault due to water infiltration on the Cope Hall side of the Building. The project is 100% complete including additional asbestos removal. Not included were security and furniture and technical equipment. Furniture and fixture funds remain to be raised. Occupancy and use started in January of 2011. Elevator re-certification was completed in April 2011, along with lobby heating modifications and additions. A new patented key system installation is in progress, along with security and video surveillance. Maintenance activities are on-going to maintain the asset including commencement and may week end activity support.

Humphreys Hall Renovation DGS-403-76 – This Capital project whose initial renovation value was $2,805,000 for the exterior only renovations phase was released from the DGS office in June 2009 and has completed bidding and contract award activity. The Responsive Bidders are High Construction of Coatesville Pa, and Gooseworks Electrical of Lancaster Pa. Construction has commenced as of December 2009 and is 100% complete. Funding received from Quaker Fiduciary Foundation ($300,000) will be used for future phase II mechanical, electrical and plumbing work work. The second phase of the project which includes interior fit-up work design has been completed. Design is by Minority Architect UCI Associates of Philadelphia, Pa. Funding has been secured for the second phase renovation which is expected to start in late June of 2011. The facility will house high achieving students including Humphreys Scholars. Bid release was delayed by gas service approvals, which is now resolved. The project will receive an Architectural award May 20th 2011 for the exterior renovation. Bidding expected late June 2011

Safety & Security Project DGS-403-78 – This project whose value is $3.200,000 for campus wide security and safety enhancements in the area of video surveillance, fire alarm system, security systems, blue light emergency phones and ADA /Vehicular conflict modifications and perimeter fencing. Included in this project is demolition of two unused cottages which have received PHMC (Historic Museum Commission) approvals. The project Professional is Ram-Tech Engineering of Essington, PA. The project is 100 % complete as of March 2010. The project stems from a previous security and access assessments done for the University by the State Police and Security Professionals, and includes a limited access post and rail fencing system and Public Safety’s relocation to McKnight-Rodgers Center and ATM Center relocation to Ada Georges Center. Replacement of sod is required on the pan Hellenic display area in the spring due to harsh weather. Surveillance and network switch modifications are in progress for more efficient camera viewing. The University has engaged a Professional for coordination assistance. A Professional Contract will be issued for a standard video format and network recommendations in late May 2011.

Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) Design DGS-403-80 – The approved and released $7,000,000 project is for design and construction of a new Waste Water Treatment Plant. Professional qualifications were requested in February of 2009. Selection of the Professional by DGS took place in May 2009. The design will provide a new “membrane batch reactor” type plant, on university property for continued contract operations. The original Professional for the project was CMX of Exton Pennsylvania using 25% minority design assistance from Polaris Engineering and American Geotechnical Services. CMX ceased doing business in March of 2010 and Pennoni Engineering was selected from the original short list as their replacement and they have received a new work order. Current study indicates submersed membrane (MBR) design may be the most efficient application. The revised schedule for the $5,625,000 construction project was a feasibility report by January 2011, preliminary submission by March 2011, and final design July 2011. Those dates were renegotiated with the new Professional due to changes in the DEP Draft Permit received in January 2011. The existing plant is being operated by Aqua Water of America of Bryn Mawr, Pa. Preliminary design of a new SBR plant is due in May 2011. Pennoni submitted a suitable estimate for that design change in April 2011. The new approved schedule is revised design submission August 2011, Pre-final submission November 2011, Construction documents January 16th 2012, Bid Opening April 16th 2012 and construction completion July 2013.

New Science Center Design DGS-403-82 – This $21,000,000 project for design will provide renovation or replacement of the existing Carver Science Center. The Professional selection process was completed in May 2009 by the DGS Office with the selection of Minority Professional firm Cueto-Kearney Inc. of Swarthmore Pa. The first phase feasibility study was completed in October 2009. Preliminary design submittal was received in March 2010. The new construction activities will lead to a state o the future 39,000 square foot replacement facility adjacent Harris-Turner Center. Application for LEED Silver certification has been submitted for approval. The University has approved interior and exterior building design and is currently working on furniture selection. Project release from the budget office was pending the gas service contract receipt. Completion expected for the 2012 Spring Session. Furniture and fixture selections process started using 2,100,000 allocations. Bid requests are expected in late July 2011. The project will be best value and the project will be completed in spring 2013. Design changes may be needed for winter foundation work.

New Residence Hall Community Design and Construction DGS Delegated Project Request – This 38 million dollar project will provide 400+ new beds for a new Housing Community. The project will commence with Professional selection by DGS, demolition design, and construction of 400+ beds with the later addition of 400+ beds in a second phase. Demolition is expected in the spring of 2010 due to Storm Water and Conservation District approvals, with construction completion on the spring of 2011. Professional selection was made by DGS and RMJM Hillier is the selected Professional with minority design by Kelly/Maiello Inc. of Philadelphia Pa. A Construction Manager has been selected from an Open Ended Listing held by PASSHE (State System) which is STV Inc of Douglasville Pa with minority management services provided by McKissick and McKissick of New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. Program and Design Meetings have been held bi/monthly to effect fast-track completion of the project, including submissions to the Thornbury Township Planning Commission. Structure Tone/KULLMAN was selected in December 2009, as Modular Developer who will assist in design completion and construction. Demolition bids have been approved and ground breaking ceremonies were held May 7, 2010. The Demolition Contractor has completed building demolition, site civil work and is building concrete foundation walls. Two Hundred Geothermal wells have been installed adjacent the housing site, 40 modules are store on site with another One Hundred Modules offsite in Camden storage facility for summer 2011 delivery and November 2011 completion. Module set up started on April 19th 2011 and will conclude in November 2011. Monthly change order reports will be submitted for review. The University should expect several Contractor delay claims on the project due to foundation scope and elevation changes. We have incurred $35,000 of Township review costs to date. The furniture bids were released May 12th 2011 to Savoy and Adden Furniture Companies for final bidding and provision of all furnishing less any wall hangings.

Carver Science Center, Sestak Sponsored STEM Grant Repairs – This $1.2 million dollar federally funded project has various adaptive reuse repairs to improve the safety, architectural integrity, and functionality of the building to aid or improve program delivery. The project will start in late March 2009 and conclude in December 2009. Included in the project are exterior concrete repairs, environmental system repairs, entrance stairway safety repair, roof repairs, ADA entrance improvements, repairs to the interior glass sanitary piping systems, specific laboratory improvements, renovation of the seminar area, replacement of the teaching auditorium seating, fire alarm repair and upgrade of specific heating and cooling and safety controls. Roof repairs will complete in October and completion of remaining exterior work was done in May 2010. Work has been completed on this project including reporting and reimbursement.


Performance Contracting Project for Energy Services (NORESCO Corp) – This $15 million dollar PASSHE Bond funded project, approved by the Cheyney University Council of Trustees in January/February 2009 has various energy conservation repairs and new initiatives to improve operation and expenditure of energy dollars. The project will start in late April 6th 2009 and conclude in May 2010 for the installation phase. Savings will be accrued across the fifteen year life of the “guaranteed energy savings contract” with NORESCO. Included in the project is decentralization of the heating systems, lighting control, lighting upgrades, window replacements and other energy related work. Completed to date are boiler systems, lighting upgrades, window upgrades, and insulation enhancements. Energy Management work is currently 70% complete in twelve buildings whose remaining value is $1.2 million dollars. Measurement and Verification activities have commenced as of April 2010 and savings are already recognized in natural gas, electric and water. The University bid and awarded electric generation to Constellation Energy in January 2011 for further savings in anticipation of PECO rate cap removals. The contract term is two years. Facilities Management submitted application to PECO Smart Incentives for grant funds for reduction of energy and the installation of a building management system. Extensive reporting and application support is required, and funding for other facilities improvement projects is expected in February 2011. Facilities management applied for and received one time grant funding from PECO Smart Ideas Rebate Program. The program will provide $86,000 of funding. Final program invoices were submitted to PASSHE in April 2011. Maintenance is ongoing on the assets. The EMS system is now fully operational with additional savings. The final bond payment has been made to Noresco for the base project costs.

Hugh Browne Hall Renovation – This 3.5 Million dollar project was released and professional selection completed in late February with the selection of Kelly-Maiello Minority Architects of Philadelphia, Pa. The project will provide additional housing and data demark services for the University. A schedule must be developed by the Department after contract negotiation is completed in March 2011. A preliminary survey was completed in February 2011. The project has a high difficulty index due to the data and phone systems within the building which cannot be shut down or interrupted for renovation. The Professional received their contract in April 2011 and design activity is 20% complete with sketch and budget expectations in process.
Capital Submission – The University submission for 2011/2012 was New Athletic Complex #1 @ 47Mill, Ellis Plant Renovation #2 @5.2 mill and Coppin Hall Renovation #3 @ 5.4 million dollars. Extended budget and estimates were provided for the New Athletic Complex to PASSHE for review in April 2011. The spending plan includes additional funds for Housing due to possible furniture cost increases, funds for design of Cope Hall Renovation after feasibility report by the University.

Security Assessment – As of April 2011 there are 66 cameras on campus, new housing will add forty more and new science will add 25 additional cameras. The University Public Safety, IT Management and Facilities Department are coordinating a common platform configuration. Brinjac has been awarded a contract for standard platform recommendation and future design standardization.

University Elevators and Lift Systems- The University and L&I have completed lift system load testing and maintenance requirements and have received current inspection certificates.

Storm Water Management - The University completed an annual storm water inspection and testing program and marked all inlets with the appropriate panels noting direct discharge to the creek and river as required by the DEP. An annual report will be submitted to the DEP in June 2011. Website information also updated.