PRESIDENT'S BLOG - December 2012 - Thoughts For A Really New Year

December 17, 2012

President's Blog - December 2012

As the door closes on 2012, we look back in thankfulness as we come out of a massive depression, we move forward with guarded optimism, we mourn a national tragedy in the loss of innocent young lives in Connecticut, and we give gratitude to the s/heroes among us.
What will it mean to be a good American citizen in 2013?
As we look at the changing demographics of America, we see signs that a more pluralist society is emerging. Thus, it is important for each of us to broaden our socio-political perspectives to realistically map our roles and responsibilities in the global community.
Despite our shared past, complete with profound sorrows and unprecedented triumphs, we know that our future will be full of opportunities--and we will go where no one on this planet has gone before. So, how does a good citizen prepare him/herself for this new world?
As we move forward into the year 2013, effective higher education, true diplomacy, and an understanding of our roles in preserving the Earth for future generations seem essential.
Thus, as we make our individual resolutions, it seems essential that we also include a few global resolutions: Resolve to make more compassionate daily decisions, to do more to preserve the planet for coming generations, to understand how our daily actions affect the communities and countries around us, and to be excellent in all that we do.
At Cheyney University, we are demonstrating our community citizenship by the choices to use green design and construction methods, such as those for our new science building.  We also are taking responsibility for spreading as much knowledge as possible about the interconnectivity of our communities.  And, we embrace the need to support the intellectual and emotional development of all of our next generation of our rising, global citizens.
There is a lot to do in 2013, we hope that you will join us in becoming more enlightened and more excellent citizens of the planet.