March 10, 2014

President's Blog - March 2014 - Let Us Continue to Build Heroines

March 05, 2014

Usually during Woman's History Month, I write a Blog about past extraordinary heroines like Fanny Jackson Coppin, Laura Waring Wheeler, or the many equally courageous but unsung heroine mothers and grandmothers who nourished and supported us throughout our lives.  These women, and many hundreds of thousands of others rightfully should be appreciated and remembered for their contributions to the backbone of our country--creating resilient families.
However, this Blog is motivated by an extraordinary, probably viewed by many as a consummate, professional woman who has quietly demonstrated an exemplary amount of courage daily, as she fights a daunting health issue.  Now, I am sure that many of us have heard of remarkable recoveries and unexplained cures of women and men who against all odds stay positive and experience seemingly miraculous cures.   It is a gift to watch this sort of courage unfold before your eyes.  To witness such courage strengthens us all!
Thus, this March, my Blog wish is for us to appreciate and really see the courage, resiliency, and compassion illustrated by women daily.  Also, it is my wish that we work as a community to continue to support the development of values such as courage, integrity, honesty, diligence, and exemplify these values for the young women we encounter daily.
At Cheyney University, we are working to help young women (and men) discover their unique values and life purposes, so that we will help them examine popular dictums of beauty, sexuality, and popularity to find their own unique beauty and life purposes. This a legacy that gives for generations!