Principal Certificate Program (K-12) Will Be Offered at Cheyney University Center City Location This Fall

June 29, 2012

Beginning in Fall, 2012, a Principal Certificate Program (K-12) is being offered at Cheyney University's Center City site at 701 Market Street. Through eight courses and several internship experiences, students who complete the program will receive the certificate of completion. The Principal Certification Program curriculum is aligned with state and national professional standards. A unique field experience component is embedded in 7 core courses and complements the year-round, practice-based Internship courses.

The program exceeds all Pennsylvania, regional, and national educational standards and will provide exceptional marketable leadership competencies. The Principal Certification program is offered as part of The Educational Leadership Collaborative Faculty Council comprised of faculty from West Chester and Cheyney Universities.

Additionally, those completing the 33 credit program can attain a Master's Degree by completing an additional 9 credits. The Master’s of Education in Educational Leadership degree requires a total of 42 credit hours, and 33 of these 42 hours are PDE approved requirements for your K-12 Principal Certificate (the remaining 9 credits complete your Master’s Degree).

Cheyney University Center City facility is located in the Mellon Building at 701 Market Street, 3rd floor.  The Center City location has state-of-the-art computer technology, as well as an on-site technician to provide professional assistance.  Questions regarding the course of study should be addressed to Dr. Wesley C. Pugh, Lindback Distinguished Professor, at

For information, contact Cheyney University Graduate Admissions at or 215 560-3891.