STUDENTS: 'Tis the Season to Get Your Account in Order

December 23, 2013

Letters should arrive at Cheyney University students' homes this week detailing what is owed on their bills. Make sure that you pay all balances so that you will be cleared to start spring semester classes on January 21, 2014.  In addition, students who expect to walk for graduation in May need to make sure that they are registered for the remaining classes required to earn their diploma.  'Tis the season to get your things in order!

New and transfer students must attend a mandatory Wolf Orientation session that will be held from Friday, January 17, 2014 to Saturday, January 18, 2014.  New students are also required to take a placement exam for Math, Reading and English.  Transfer students who have less than 30 credits and have not taken college level Math and/or English courses must also take the placement exam on Wednesday, January 8, 2014 and Thursday, January 9, 2014.  Students should pick the day that best fits into their schedule to take the test.

For more information about Wolf Orientation or the placement test click

  1. Here's what returning students need to do
  2. To reach the Admissions Office or 610-399-2275
  3. To reach the Bursar Office or 610-399-2224
  4. To register for Spring 2014 classes go to

The following Cheyney University ONLINE classes are available to be taken this spring, beginning in January for 15 weeks:

EDU 110 Introductory Interpretation and Analysis section 03 - 3.0 credits.  This course serves as a
college-level reading course in which students critically read and analyze difficult texts, and gain
proficiency in interpreting, paraphrasing, and evaluating the written word. Prerequisite: None.

HEN 431 - African American Literature II
section 01 - 3.0 credits. This course covers the social context of African American literary development from the American Civil War to the present. Students are introduced to the cultural patterns and historical experiences that produced autobiographies, narratives, poetry and essays as well as twentieth century novels, plays and poetry. Prerequisite: HEN 113.

HEN 113 - English II section 01 - 3.0 Credits. This course moves the student from writing basic papers to engaging in scholarly dialogue through critical thinking, reading, and writing. Students will develop evaluative, analytical, and rhetorical skills through focused discussions, presentations and a variety of research-based papers. Prerequisite: HEN 112 with a minimum grade of C.

RPO 101 - Intro to Political Science section 01 - 3.0 credits. A survey of basic concepts and current
trends in political science and its sub-fields of American politics, public administration,
comparative government, international relations, and political theory OR Distance Learning
version of RPO 101 to be offered as an ―On-Line‖ course in which more than 80% of the
instruction will be completed outside of the classroom. Prerequisite: None. (Social Science
General Education Course).

Spring classes start January 21, 2014 -- Log on to Power Campus to register. Do it today!