Second Annual Campus Feud To Reveal Students Opinions

Dr. Christopher Barnes

April 18, 2013

A group of constituent groups from the Social and Behavioral Sciences have joined together, once again, to conduct the 2nd Annual Campus Feud. The game show, modeled after Family Feud, is a collaborative effort between the Psychology Club and the students currently enrolled in Advanced Experimental Psychology (RPS 411). It is scheduled to take place on Monday, April 29th at 12:30 p.m. in DSS 117, when a minimal number of classes are scheduled.

Students enrolled in the fore mentioned RPS 411 course surveyed more than 310 students. They asked each student to answer 21 questions pertaining to the campus with the first thing that came to mind. Patricia Bell, the Psychology Club President, stated that “it was interesting to see the responses. Since many of them talk about campus politics, they all are actually saying a lot about what students think about our campus, administration, and faculty.” Dr. Christopher Barnes jokingly went on record stating that he is “actually a little concerned this year. The students played a greater part in developing the questions and there are a few that might make people uneasy. I don’t think I made the top 10 but even my name was offered for professor lists that I hoped to stay off.”

Cash prizes will be given out to lucky audience members who attend. In addition, a $30 cash prize will be awarded to one of the students who completed the survey. As of now, confirmed participants in the game show include Dr. Hazel Spears, Dr. Devissi Muhammad, Mr. Donzelle Tiller, and Mr. Elisha Morris.
The game show is open to the public and is planned to be a fun activity to end the semester; a sign-in sheet will be present at the event. Ask your instructor, as this may qualify for credit or extra credit in some of your classes.