Student Wellness Training and Support Available

March 31, 2013

As college communities become increasingly aware of the amounts of stress students are experiencing and its negative impact on both their health and academic performance, Cheyney University is offering training for students, faculty and staff. Online training modules and simulations are now available to the entire campus that will assist in identifying and referring students to appropriate support services on campus.

Lorna Best, Cheyney University's Student Wellness Specialist, hopes all faculty, staff and students will take the new 30-minute online interactive training course which is available on the University website. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate. Arrangements can also be made to talk with  Ms. Best by completing a Student Wellness Referral Form and taking it to Suite 105 in Vaux-Logan Building. 

Ms. Best acknowledges, "At Cheyney University we value our students' well-being. If you or someone you know is having difficulties and would like someone to talk to, please fill out the Student Wellness Referral Form and bring it to the Vaux-Logan Building--Suite 105. I am here to assist you!"

According to Ms. Best, "We want students to feel comfortable to contact us when they need help, are distressed or going through something.They need to know when to stand up for themselves, how to take ownership of their behvaiors and take control of their lives.  I am hoping that our kids can develop a sense of resilience so that they have hope and can conquer the challenges that they may face.They need to know that they are not alone and they have people on campus that they can talk to. A student may have an illness but that doesn't mean that they're abnormal."

Ms. Best hopes to train students so they can be peer health counselors and wellness educators in the future.  Peer Counselor Isaac Harden, a junior majoring in Business with a concentration in Accounting, says he's interested in learning what Ms. Best has to offer. 

"I want to help out at Cheyney," he said. "I have an opportunity here to do great things and to uplift this campus as much as possible and open doors for others if I can.  I'm a good listener and I believe that I can give good advice to my peers who may be struggling with things that I've been through already."

CU's Student Wellness Services are a unique resource center designed to facilitate, develop, implement, and promote behavioral health and wellness programming to students, faculty, and staff.


Link for Training program