Students Start Spring Semester on Snowy Day

January 28, 2013

Denise Hill (left) received a gift card from Dr. Robin Williams for attending the Opening Conference on Monday.

Denise Hill (left) received a gift card from Dr. Robin Williams for attending the Opening Conference on Monday.

Although the day's temperature hovered around freezing and the ground had a slippery white snow coating, Cheyney students turned out in force for the first Annual Spring Opening Conference.  Rev. Elisha Morris welcomed them back. "It is so nice to see you! For the first 30 days this semester we've been by ourselves and we missed you!" 

Cheyney University President Michelle Howard-Vital assured  the audience that the University and its staff and faculty would be there for them.  "Today is the beginning of you being an intellectual person - we have expectations for you," she said. 
"First - get a good education and go to class.  Second - develop your brand because when you leave here people will expect you to speak well.  Develop skills so you can get employed.  Be informed and read your emails because that will alert you about  opportunities and incidents. Be punctual - being punctual can make the difference in getting the job you want."
Dr. Vital reminded students that they are competing with others from all over the world.  "Get exposed, " she advised, urging them to seek out the various cultural activities offered on campus, including the lectures series, internships, and the Entrepreneurial Leadership Program.  "Start figuring out your purpose in life." 
Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Suzanne Phillips thanked the audience for choosing Cheyney University.  "You made the right choice.  This college will prepare you for your degree.  We prepare you for life." She advised all students to sign up for the Emergency E2Campus communication system to receive emergency messages. She also emphasized that effective immediately all students, staff and faculty will be required to carry their Cheyney ID card at all times.  "We want to help keep you safe, and we want your help in keeping you safe. We are our brothers keepers - watch out for your brothers."
Housing Director Tammy Hillyard-Thompson, echoed the importance of participating in the E2Campus program and suggested that a second person be designated to receive the alerts. Concerning student housing matters, she noted, "door propping must be stopped. I'm challenging you to work with us to protect your safety and everyone has to participate.  You are responsible for your guests at all times, and they need to know the code of conduct and abide by the rules. We want you to be safe at night."
Hillyard-Thompson said, "Cheyney University students are called wolves and appropriately, wolves travel in packs and are very protective of one another. Look out for one another.  Step up to look out when you are in the Residence Hall -  protect your home."
Each student left with a packet of forms containing everything from emergency procedures and internship information to hygiene tips for prevention of contracting the flu.
Dr. Robin Williams, Director of University College explained, "If you have a problem, use the Active Incident Reports. I assure  you they will go through the proper Cheyney University channels to address your important concerns."