The Cheyney University National Alumni Association Seeks Legacy Family Nominations

July 2, 2014

The Jackson family was named the 2013 Legacy Family

The Jackson family was named the 2013 Legacy Family

The Cheyney University National Alumni Association is reaching out to the Cheyney Family to submit recommendations for the 2014 Legacy Family. A Legacy Family is defined as one with several or many family members who have matriculated at Cheyney University.

This award was established in 1997. To date, the following families have been acknowledged including but not limited to: Shoatz, Patterson, Kirkland, Hackney, Livingston, Merriweather, McNeil, Turner (Pittsburgh), Johnson-Henderson, Dr. James Dumpson ‘32, Highsmith and Jackson.

The National Alumni Association will recognize the 2014 Legacy Family during Homecoming at the President’s Legacy Brunch on Sunday, October 26 at 10:00 AM in Ada S. Georges Dining Hall.

To nominate a Legacy Family, please submit the name of the family and all family members who attended Cheyney, the year they graduated or years attended and how they have been involved in the life of the University. In order to be considered for the award, the completed information must be returned to the National Alumni office no later than August 29, 2014.

The address is Cheyney University Alumni Office, 1837 University Circle, PO Box 121, Cheyney, PA, 19319

Please provide the below requested information. Feel free to use a separate sheet of paper to supply all of the information.
Family Name (s) *

First name

Last name

Family Contact Person Name *

First name

Last name

Contact Phone Number *

Contact Email *

Number of Alumni in Family *

Name of Each Alum / Year/ Relationship/Current Position

Indicate tangible contributions to Cheyney University, i.e., time, money, activities, programs, etc. that members of the family have given to promote and/or enhance Cheyney University. Attach information on a separate sheet. Share community contributions, i.e., educational, fraternal, religious, civic, political, business, etc. for as many family members as possible. You may nominate your own family.

National Alumni Association Membership is $40. Local Chapter membership varies by chapter. If you or any of your family members are not members, please join us now! All family members must be members of the National  Alumni Association in order for the family to be selected as the Legacy Family. Send a check along with this application payable to: Cheyney University National Alumni Association, PO Box 121, Cheyney University, Cheyney, PA 19319