Title IX Law Expert, Janet Judge, Addresses CU Students and Administrators

October 2, 2012

Janet Judge spoke to the Cheyney University student athletes on the harmful practices of hazing, harassment and the pitfalls of social media. In a separate session earlier in the day she discussed Title IX with University administrators. “Ms. Judge is one of the top authorities in the country when it comes to Title IX and its’ relationship to college athletics,” stated Athletic Director Ruffin Bell.

The evening session was aimed at the student athlete and dealt with the pitfalls of social media, harassment and hazing. Ms. Judge discussed with students what is at stake, personal responsibility and accountability, branding and privacy.

The afternoon session with Ms. Judge delved into Title IX and its 40 year history. She talked about the standard three prong approach that universities employ to determine if they are in compliance with the stature. Title IX complaints fall into one of three categories; participation, scholarship or treatment. Although not taking about Cheyney University specifically, Ms. Judge’s presentation dealt with all three areas and pointed out specific examples of where universities tend to fall short.

“Intertwined in Ms. Judge description of Title IX were examples that served to add clarity to the law as it is interpreted by those charged with enforcing it. For anyone interested in improving his or her understanding of Title IX, the opportunity to hear Janet Judge on this topic was enlightening,” commented Professor BJ Mullaney.

Ms. Judge is a graduate of Harvard University. As a student at Harvard Unviersity, she was captain of the women’s soccer team. Her team participated in three NCAA tournaments. She later served as an Assistant Director of Athletics at Harvard. Later she coached soccer and basketball at Simmons College while attending Boston University School of Law. Ms. Judge's speaking engagement was made possible through an educational grant from the NCAA.