Treasures For Success Prepares Students With Career Wardrobes

By Shavon Thompson

October 18, 2012

In preparation for upcoming career events, the author recently had a fitting at Treasures For Success.

In preparation for upcoming career events, the author recently had a fitting at Treasures For Success.

Cheyney University’s Center for Career and Professional Development’s Director, Ruth Brice, spearheads a beneficial program on campus called Treasures for Success. This program helps many students succeed in professionally dressing-the-part for events which require business attire. Brice founded Treasures for Success in February 2010 when the Center for Career and Professional Development moved to the third floor of Burleigh Hall. Treasures for Success offers FREE business clothes to undergraduate and newly-graduated Cheyney University students. In order to take advantage of the treasure trove, students must call the Center for Career and Professional Development to set up an appointment for a fitting, and have a valid reason to use the clothes.

Miss Cheyney University, Janelle McKelvey, had good reason to make an appointment at Treasures for Success and is very pleased with the suits she chose from the collection for a leadership conference she attended this semester. McKelvey believes it’s important to show professionalism at a job interview, conference, or any career event to make an impression that will result in positive opportunities.

“Always remember your first impression is your last impression,” McKelvey advises. Whether you’re making a presentation in class, attending your first job interview, getting dressed up for a Greek organization affair, or taking part in the October 24th Career Day on campus, McKelvey feels it is imperative for students to dress in business attire when appropriate.

Students are never turned away at Treasures for Success if they are in need of professional clothing for an event that could impact their educational experience or future. At Treasures for Success, the room is set up like a boutique, with men’s and women’s clothing in a neat and orderly fashion. While students are being fitted, they can participate in an educational game to win complimentary accessories to go with their selections.

Jan Walton, a Cheyney University alumna and member of the Delaware Valley Chapter of “The LINKS,”
donates clothes from her closet regularly and brings donations from her LINKS friends, too. “Ruth has such great ideas and I love to give back to support the students' future career needs,” she explained. Other regular supporters are Maxine and Roland Coleman, Greg Benjamin, and Dr. Henry Harper.

"Students should take advantage of this opportunity due to the upcoming career events that are lined up this semester," suggests Brice. If students call to arrange for a fitting, a wonderful wardrobe can be theirs in less than an hour.

Many Cheyney staff and faculty have helped by donating clothing, including Cheyney University President Michelle Howard-Vital."

"I donate tons of clothes," she remarked.  "When I first graduated from college, I didn't have the wardrobe necessary to further my career.  I now have an opportunity to give back and help our young women get a start with their business wardrobe.  It is my pleasure to donate suits and professional clothes for such a good purpose."  

"Donations of used business clothes are welcome, and we are particularly in need of large and extra-large sizes," Brice added. "Please call in advance so we can prepare for your delivery." 

To schedule a delivery or fitting, call 610 399-2033.