University College Hosts Family and Friends Day

Nikaya Johnson

October 4, 2012

University College of Cheyney University held its first Family and Friends Day on Saturday, September 29, 2012.  Family and Friends Day is a celebration of freshmen’s early achievements.  Some people traveled from Florida and Illinois to see their loved ones get awards, learn how to become more engaged in their child's academic success, and to become more knowledgeable about the UC program, peer mentors, and course syllabi for each of their student’s classes.

University College presented awards to peer mentors and to first year students for reaching their goal of enrolling into college at Cheyney.  Mikayla Hopkins received a 22 inch television for completing the development module and scoring the highest on discovery education. Discovery education is a partnership with Discovery Channel, which provides online tutorials in all subject matters that helps students.

According to the Director of University College, Dr. Robin Williams, UC will continue to have Family and Friends Day, not only for freshman, but for all students.

"Family support is a key to students’ success and retention,” Williams said. “Cheyney has a strong core of family support. University College is looking forward to the future of our students’ success.”