Women Out Pace Cabrini in 6000 K Race

October 8, 2011

Diane Garrison paced Cheyney University to a 21-36 win in a dual cross country meet over visiting Cabrini. The Lady Wolves had four of the top five finishers. Garrison completed the course in 27:45, more than a minute ahead of her nearest competitor.

Cheyney will host Neuman College next week as part of Homecoming activities on Friday afternoon.

Results from the dual meet can be found below.

1. Diane Garrison, Cheyney 27:45
2. Jessie Lanchawg, Cabrini 28:54
3. Jasmine Pitt, Cheyney 29:19
4. Veronica Sweet, Cheyney 30:03
5. Taniqua Purdie, Cheyney 31:14
6. Kate Freyvogel, Cabrini 31:42
7. Vicky Werring, Cabrini 32:48
8. Ayasha Lyke, Cheyney 34:12
9. Natasha lyburn, Cheyney 34:17
10. Lindsey Dittbender, Cabrini 36:25
11. Marrisa Brunner, Cabrini 47:26

Cheyney 21
Cabrini 36

Cheyney Wolves vs. Cabrini Universtiy

Friday, October 07, 2011 Final
Cheyney Wolves
Cabrini Universtiy
No stats posted
Friday, October 07, 2011