The Cheyney University Policy Register is a compilation of the official University, Administrative, and Operational policies and procedures of Cheyney University of Pennsylvania. The purpose of this on-line record is to serve the Cheyney University community as a source of reliable information and as a foundation on which decisions can be made.

  • The Office of the President oversees and maintains this site.
  • All approved policies and procedures will be recorded and posted in this site.
  • This Policy Register is updated through periodic additions, deletions and changes.
  • Policies under revision or pending approval by either University Senate or Administrative Council will be marked “Policy under Revision” in red, to indicate that the reader should be aware that the language or content may change.
  • Further information may be obtained by emailing the Office of the President  or calling 610-399-2220.
  • For guidance in policy development, download the policy template here.