Nine Retirees Honored for 311 Years of Service

June 15, 2011

Cheyney University President Dr. Michelle R. Howard-Vital hosted a retirement dinner program in honor of nine retiring faculty and staff members.

Among those honored were Professor Gary Balmer, Associate Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences, 42 years of service;  Professor James Flemming in Education and Leadership Studies, 30 years; Mr. Steven LaDuke, Carpenter Foreman in the department of facilities, 30 years; Dr. Marlen Livezey, Professor of Humanities and Communication Arts, 44 years; Dr. James Saxon, Associate Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences, 18 years; Professor Deanna Shelton, Professional Studies in Business Administration, 35 years; Mr. Lonnie Taylor, Maintenance Repair in the department of facilities, 35 years; Dr. Noah Thorpe, Professor of Professional Studies, 42 years; and Ms. Gwenettia Toyer, 35 years of service in the department of Professional Studies.
Along with presentation of university gifts, remembrances and tributes were dedicated to the honorees by Cheyney University’s Director of Human Resources, Jo-Anne Harris. The honorees collectively represent 311 years of outstanding service to students and fellow faculty at the nation’s first Historically Black University.