Competetion BUILDS In Retool Your School Grant Competition

February 10, 2012

Have You Voted to Retool Cheyney University Today? (Click Here) VOTING ENDS April 10.

Friends, family members, alumni and YOU can vote once a day, every day on every device – PC, lab computers, tablets,  cell phone etc. Voting ends on April 10. PLEASE VOTE EVERY DAY! Competition depends in part in the number of votes we get.
YOU can get us to the TOP. We need 10,000 votes to get there.
Have You Voted to Retool Cheyney University Today? (Click Here)
Cheyney University is participating in the Home Depot Retool Your School Campaign
to win one of the following campus improvement projects:
  • Tier 1 - $50,000: Cheyney University intends to resurface, restripe and install new lighting for two newly-created exterior basketball courts.
  • Tier 2 - $10,000: Cheyney University plans to enhance the campus by planting shrubbery and trees around residence halls and academic buildings.
  • Campus Pride - $25,000: Cheyney University plans to weatherize the visitors’ bleachers in our outdoor football stadium to improve their durability.  

Voting ends on April 10.PLEASE VOTE EVERY DAY.Let's make Cheyney #1 and make our campus even better.