Freshmen Seminar: Spring 2012 Required Wednesdays Workshop Series Wednesdays at DSS Auditorium

February 13, 2012

Spring 2012 Required Wednesdays Workshop Series Wednesdays at DSS Auditorium

Week 4 -2/15/12 Why Can’t We All Get Along? ‘Code of Conduct and Conflict Resolution

Presented by Mr. Thomas Nixon, Office of Residence Life and Housing
Conflict Resolution Workshop focusing on how to avoid conflict and resolve disputes through the use of Mediation and Conflict resolution techniques, appreciating differences and understanding diversity.

Week 5 2/22/12 No Wednesday Workshop -Monday and Friday Programs scheduled
Monday, 2/20/12 NAVSUP WORKSHOP

Friday, 2/24/12 175th Founder’s Day-Mandatory Student Event - Refer to the CU website for additional details

Week 6  2/29/12 Financial Aid Workshop: Grades & Money

Presented by Mr. Harold Johnson, Financial Aid Office
Need spending money?  What are your options? This presentation will focus on financial aid, refund checks and budgeting. Mr. Johnson will also explain how many credit hours you will need by May 2012 along with other important issues that may arise regarding your finances.

Week 7  3/7/12 The Motto: Are You Playing Yourself?

Presented by University College Staff
Did you ‘play yourself’ this semester, by what you know is wrong?  In this workshop, you will use your motto to evaluate your own flaws and create individual ways to become a better you.

Week 8  March 12-16, 2012 SPRING BREAK WEEK No seminars

Week 9  3/21/12 Let Me Teach You How To Study

Presented by University College Staff   
Are you upset because you study all night but still can‘t seem to pass exams? This is the workshop for you! Learn how to study and balance in ‘real life’ by using Facebook status blockers, twit stoppers and cell phone alarm warnings. You will be presented with fun and innovative ways to retain course material after class.

Week 10 MIDTERM WEEK 3/28/12 Power Campus Presentation

Presented by Ms. Latashia Johnson, Office of the Registrar
Students will be given a web presentation in order to assist them in using the system to access campus email, register for classes, view transcripts and much more. This much needed presentation is not to be missed!

Week 11 4/4/12 Advising Week-Ongoing Registration Overview of General Education Requirements

Presented by Dr. Chris Barnes, General Education Director
Detailed review of the General Education requirements will be presented.  Relevant for all majors, this interactive presentation will address your questions and also demonstrate how to complete all graduation requirements within a four year time frame.

Week 12  4/11/12 Will You Run This Yard: Internship Institute

Presented by University College Staff

We will discuss what it really means to ‘run the yard.’  Being a campus leader is much deeper than being popular. Learn how to leave a positive legacy on campus, earn an internship and acquire a job before you graduate.


Week 13  4/18/12 Keystone Honors Academy

Presented by Dr. Tara Kent, Dean of the Keystone Honors Academy
Details including how to apply to the academy, scholarship opportunities available and other program benefits will be explained.

Week 14  4/25/12
13 Steps to Success During Finals Week

Presented by University College Staff

Survive during finals by learning ways to cope with stress, and last minute studying techniques. 

NOTE:  All first-year students must attend all workshops during the course of the semester.  This will count as 25% of their GAC 101 or GAC 102 course grade.