CU Data Analyst Confirms That CU Bachelor's Degree Holders Top PASSHE Charts in PhDs Per 100

February 29, 2012

Cheyney University recently hired data analyst Erika Shehata to help determine how effective the institution is in preparing competent and responsible leaders.  Her work will help construct a profile of students who are predicted to succeed at the University to help base our enrollment management decisions on more empirical data.

In her first week of work Shehata discovered that Cheyney University was the institution among PASSHE schools with the highest percentage of students going on to successfully complete doctoral degrees.Among students earning a bachelor’s degree from Cheyney University between 1995 and 2004, about 2.5% went on to earn a PhD in all disciplines. This is just above the national average of 2.06%. Despite being the smallest school in the PASSHE system, Cheyney University tops the charts of the schools in the Pennsylvania State system, ranking first out of the 14 schools in number of PhDs per 100 Bachelor's earned. Among Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Cheyney University is performing well and falls above the average of 1.9 PhDs per every 100 Bachelor's degrees, ranking 21st out of the 81 HBCUs in the study. When looking at other similar public Masters Colleges and Universities (smaller programs) Cheyney also performs at the top, ranking second in a field of 34 similar institutions.

NB: This data is based solely on students who earned Doctoral degrees. Professional and Master’s degrees are not covered by the Survey of Earned Doctorates. Information on the field of the originating Bachelor’s degree is not available.