CU Athletics Staff Gets Up to Speed on Title IX and Athletics: Practical Ways to Comply

March 27, 2012

The Cheyney University Athletic Department participated in a webinar on Tuesday, February 14th entitled “Title IX and Athletics: Practical Ways to Comply.”  Together the athletic administration, coaches, athletes and invited guests took a closer look at Title IX and how it relates to the Cheyney University experience. 

The webcast was provided by Academic Impressions with expert instructors from Alden & Associates.  
It provided a clear guide to complying with Title IX and practical suggestions on how to move forward in today’s day and age.  Alden & Associates showed the team how to make resources work and how to create competitive goals in order to achieve compliance.

The webcast was just a part of the learning process for the staff.  Educational assessment is the next step in the evaluation process. The DVD of the program has been purchased for the rest of the community to share as a tool to educate those who are not fully aware of Title IX and how to achieve and maintain compliance. 

“It’s important that we strive to educate our staff and students on the importance of Title IX and how we all benefit from full compliance,” Stated interim athletic director Ruffin Bell.

When asked why Title IX is so vital to accessing the needs of our athletic department, Suzanne Kilian responded, “As an institution of higher education it is our duty to see that the needs of population are met.  Here at Cheyney we strive to enhance the programs for all students, including the needs of our athletic department.  Title IX was the driving force to equality in the athletic department; however most people do not realize that extends beyond our building and our athletes. Title IX should be the focus for all educators and special event coordinators on our campus.” 

For more information, contact Ruffin Bell, Interim Athletic Director or 610-399-2287.