Cheyney University Students Rally to Remember Trayvon Martin

April 4, 2012

Photo by Allen Beecher

Photo by Allen Beecher

Wearing hoodies and carrying signs, a determined group of Cheyney students and staff made their voices heard in support of justice for Trayvon Martin outside Dudley Theatre on Wednesday afternoon. 

Miss Cheyney University, Shakeemah Simmons, opened with the words "No Justice, No Peace! This could happen to all of us and we pray for any family affected by violence." Rev. Morris  offered "The NAACP was on top of this and it has now become a national issue.  Look, this is what civil rights is about - students getting together and marching.  Pretty soon we'll be talking about the Governor's budget cuts - 40% in two years.  He is taking the life and blood away and killing the school."

A moment of silence and a prayer followed "God give them the backbone to continue to rally your young people to stand together and fight for their rights."  The peaceful protest ended with an inspiring rap by Senior Kyle Morris. The students are planning a fundraiser for the Trayvon Martin Foundation for later in the month.