SOAP Takes a Stand Against Poverty

April 19, 2012

SOAP - Students Organized Against Poverty - took their stand on Wednesday April 18 at the Marcus Foster Student Center vestibule. The energetic delegation showered passersby with enlightening information and statistics about the crushing poverty in our country.

More than 100 facts were collected by the group, and each one was posted in an orange and white paper patchwork display which glowed in the afternoon light.

Reciting some of the facts they collected, they passionately reported -

- 91% of all African Americans will live in poverty by the age of 70

- the poverty threshold for a family of 4 in America is $21,000 annual income

- 46% million Americans are below the poverty line in the US

- children in poverty suffer from inadequate health care, education, housing, and food deprivation

SOAP seeks to bring awareness to structural causes and consequences of poverty. Danielle King was chairman of the semester-long research project for Dr. Lynn Green's Sociology course.