Thornbury Run

April 22, 2012

It was perfect weather for the 200 runners at Saturday's Thornbury Run.  It was just cool enough, the forcasted storm stayed off of Cheyney University's campus, and the sun appeared by the time most runners arrived on the track for their final laps.

Organizers Jim Quinn, President of Western Delaware Valley Lions Club joined organizer Barry Burkholder to plan the second annual run for the benefit of their neighbor, Mark Kelly, who has been diagnosed with ALS.

Barry Burkholder notes, "It's a great course, with some pretty serious hill climbs.  The only flat road is Creek Road and it's great to finish up on Cheyney's track."

In the 10K run, Ryan Bair, came in first at 33.38 minutes, Scott Purcell, second at 34.03 minutes, and Kevin Kelly third at 47 minutes. All are West Chester, PA residents. The crowd cheered as Mark Kelly quipped from his wheelchair, "My thumb is tired!" as he approached the finish line.
Kimberley Hickey of West Chester, was the first in the women's entries.  In the Kids Run, 11 year-old Devin Kelly, whose father is Mark Kelly's cousin, placed first. It was good to see Alum runner-jogger, Glenn Wilson, Cheyney Class of 1970.