Public Safety Hosts Open House

April 30, 2012

A turn onto Cheyney University's Hospitality Lane on Tuesday, April 30 led to an open door and warm hospitality inside the offices of Public Safety. The Campus Public Safety staff hosted an open house for students to meet the officers, see the facilities, and have a light lunch.

Support staffer Inez Jones made sure all the students had a chance to read the panel of safety tips she had set up. "It's all about safety. We want the students to remember their degree is first and foremost. They should think about what they do when they're here for school and how they do it.  When they do things right it will be a better place for us all."

According to Chief Lawrence Richards, "Before the students leave for summer break, we wanted to invite them over and show them another side of our police staff at our home base. We had a great turnout."