PCN Broadcasts Political Roundtable From Cheyney University's Ed Bradley Studio

April 30, 2012


PCN (Pennsylvania Cable Network) brought the upcoming Pennsylvania primary conversation right into CU's Ed Bradley Studio on April 18 as part of the Town Hall program which covers controversial political topics debated throughout the Commonwealth.

The evening allowed for some intense dialog between the CU audience and the panelists including Professor Janet Manspeaker, Gil Spencer, editor of Delaware County Daily Times, former Senator Joe Sestak, local radio personality Dom Giordano, and candidate George Badey.

Hot topics included the newly-created photo ID requirement for Pennsylvania voters, decreasing State support for State colleges and universities, increasing costs from building prisons, and the prospect of imposing taxes on the revenue from Marcellus shale drilling.

Cheyney representatives had an opportunity to be heard, including President Vital. "The average family income of a Cheyney student is $35,000.  I feel strongly these funding cuts are unfair. We lost 200 students last year because tuition went up $800. If our tuition increases 15% more, we will lose more students.   I can't go anywhere on campus and not see students who are working. These students deserve an opportunity to get a high quality education.  We should invest in the right thing - education, not prison."