Ravi Coltrane Quartet Wows Cheyney Crowd

April 30, 2012

Jazz saxophonist Ravi Coltrane brought a great show to Cheyney University's Marian Anderson Music Center in April.  Regarded as one of the finest saxophonists in music, he was joined by jazz pianist/composer Glenn Zaleski, bass player Desron Douglas, and drummer E J Strickland.  Students, faculty, alumni, and community residents enjoyed the evening with jazz.

The set opened with "I'm Old Fashioned," offering deep mellow sounds dominated by the bass. "Who Wants Ice Cream," followed with the musicians take-offs of each other. The audience fell into E J Strickland's spell as he conjured up patterns with brushes and hit the rims with his sticks.

Pianist Glenn Zaleski had center stage as he played "The Glide" by Ralph Towner. Bright loose notes flowed out into the audience with undertones from the bass to support Coltrane's amazing saxophone riffs. Other pieces included "Prelude" performed acoustically by Coltrane whose pure deep sounds brought bass, piano and drum solos flowing in and out throughout the song. Coltrane's vigorous soprano sax performance of "Coincide"  and  "Bird Food" by Nat Cole rounded out the program.