West Chester and Cheyney Universities Launch Two Curriculum Partnerships

Pam Sheridan, West Chester University

May 1, 2012

West Chester University president Greg Weisenstein and Cheyney University president Michelle Howard -Vital were joined by members of their respective faculties and academic officers in a signing ceremony on Cheney’s campus on April 23.

Beginning this summer at Cheyney, two courses will be offered on both universities’ campuses in alternating sessions for teachers interested in acquiring grades K through 12 principal certification. 

Teachers enrolled in the joint Principal Certificate program will participate in three internships and complete eight courses covering the theory and practice of educational leadership, the principalship, curriculum development, school law, basic concepts in special education, managing school resources and supervision of instruction.

As part of the joint agreement three faculty members from each university are serving on an educational leadership faculty council which will recommend requirements for admission to the principal certification program, assess courses and evaluate applicants.

As a result of a second collaboration between the two universities, biology students at West Chester who wish to concentrate on marine science may take advantage of courses at Cheyney that cover the study of invertebrates and ichthyology, a branch of zoology dedicated to studying fish.

West Chester University biologist Frank Fish, who helped put together the marine science concentration, says it is a leaping off point for an advance degree in marine science, as well as preparation for a wide range of job opportunities. Fish, himself, studies aquatic animals and how their biological design may contribute to technological development. He cites numerous outlets for individuals with a biology degree and marine science concentration --- from work in aquariums or zoos to drug companies attempting to isolate new compounds from organisms that live in marine environments; from botanists studying plants in salt water marshes to environmentalists or people involved in ecotourism.

For additional information on the joint Principal Certificate program,  contact Cheyney University’s School of Education or Professional Studies or West Chester’s College of Education.