Cheyney University Awarded Home Depot Retool Your School Grant

May 4, 2012

Larry Green, Interim Vice-President for Institutional Advancement reported today that Cheyney University has been selected to receive a Tier Two $10,000 grant from this year’s Home Depot “Retool Your School” competition.  Award selection was based on a combination of online voting and the strength of the proposal according to Home Depot’s Advisory Board members. All members of the CU Community share in earning this award by voting for the University. CU received just under 100,000 votes. 

He noted with appreciation, "We can all be proud of the fact that we propelled Cheyney University to rank third among 61 participating HBCUs in online voting.  

"As a result of our efforts, funding will support our request of $10,000 “to enhance the campus by planting colorful yet low maintenance shrubbery and trees around residence halls and academic buildings.  The University’s historic quadrangle and Residence Hall inventory was built between 1909 and 1965.  The quad is truly the heart of the campus.  It is where Commencement takes place.  The quad is literally held in great esteem as hallowed ground.  Although basic grounds keeping activities provide a manicured look for the campus, plantings around key buildings either are nonexistent, very dated in design or compromised due to the elements.  The enhancement we wish to do is more than just for aesthetics.  It is for the long term vitality and future of Cheyney University."

More details will be forthcoming.  In the meantime, thanks to everyone for this demonstration of Cheyney University Pride!!!