National Alumni Association Hosts Hall of Fame Ceremony

May 7, 2012

Ozzie Hackett accepts the Alumni Hall of Fame Education Award on behalf of Paul  A. Turner.

Ozzie Hackett accepts the Alumni Hall of Fame Education Award on behalf of Paul A. Turner.

The seventh Hall of Fame Distinguished Awards Ceremony on May 4 celebrated and acknowledged some remarkable alumni. 

In her welcome remarks, Cheyney University President Michelle Howard-Vital noted, "The contributions of alumni are even more significant as we celebrate our 175th Anniversary and the legacy of excellence that our alumni have helped us maintain."

Rev. Isaac N. Patterson, IV served as Master of Ceremonies and was joined on the stage by Miss Cheyney University 2012, Shekeemah Simmons, Dr. Jacqueline L. Peace,  and Junious R. Stanton, President of the National Alumni Association.  Sister Karen Shenks performed musical selections including "If I Could Help Somebody Then My Living Shall Not be In Vain." Junious R. Stanton, President CUNAA Board of Directors, opened the program with a "promise to continue this legacy for another 175 years."

The induction ceremony recognized the following members: 

Darrell K. Henderson, Class of 1975 received the Community Service Award. He recalled, "My father was in the class of 1958, and I've been here since I was 2 years old." Both his service to CU and his career reflect one of his beliefs - "leaving things better than I found them." Henderson served as President of the National Alumni Association from 2001-2003 during which time the organization modernized and expanded, the "C" Club was reactivated, and the Alumni Hall of Fame was initiated, among other things.

Father Thomas W. S. Logan and Hermione Clark Hill Logan, Class of 1932, were awarded the Community Service Award.   Molly Gibson accepted the award on behalf of her sister, Hermione Hill Logan, and  nephew Bill Hagerman on behalf of Father Logan. Father and Mrs. Logan have a long relationship to Cheyney University dating back to 1913 when as a young child Mrs. Logan arrived on campus with her father, Leslie Pinkney Hill, mother and siblings. 

Upon receiving the Education Award, Thomas C. Lane, IV, class of 1950 shared his recollections of "coming out of the Marines and following his sister's advice to come to Cheyney.  He was glad he did, since he found his wife of 64 years at Cheyney University and his two oldest children also attended Cheyney University.  "We're sort of a Cheyney family.  Please remember the things here that gave us pride and drive. The things that made education real came together here."

As Paul A. Turner, Class of 1962, was honored with the Education Award, Alumni Relations Director, Gregory Benjamin, reflected on Turner's contributions.  "Paul served as President for 3 consecutive years, and is still working hard for CU.  He has the passion and the love - for him it's all about doing the right thing for Cheyney University."  Ozzie Hackett, Class of 1960, accepted the award on Turner's behalf.  He recalled Turner's many contributions, including the rebuilding of the C Club. "I can't think of anyone who has done more, and continues to do for Cheyney University.   He is a loving person and totally committed to Cheyney University.  This award will mean more than anything. Paul will cherish it."

Ann Gillis Waiters, Class of 1961, reflected on her education.  "Tonight I am reminded of the first time I was here. A professor said, "Look to your left, look to your right. They won't be here in December!"  I'm so glad I made it! Today, no award is more precious to me than this one. This is coming home in style!"

Barbara Daniel Cox, Class of 1966, was introduced with the words, "Barbara is the producer, the arranger, the adviser for Cheyney.  Above all her commitment is to Cheyney. And her comment would be 'It all has to do with love.' "  Ms. Cox noted, "I stand on the shoulders of those who have been before me.  I came here not by choice but by chance."

Calvin D. McNeil, Sr., Chairman of the Hall of Fame Committee, ended the evening with these words,  "Cheyney is really like family to me.  Everyone who has crossed the stage today I have known.  My heart was made glad to be with these people tonight."