Joe's Crab Shack Welcomes CU Students On Opening Day

June 11, 2012

Acting on  a tip from Student Admissions Assistant Director, Vicki Redmond, Rev. Elijah Morris sent out a campus invite to the about-to-open Joe's Crab Shack on City Line Avenue.  Always thinking of photo-ops, he encouraged the students to join an overnight camp-out there, show their Cheyney pride and be among the first 100 guests in line to qualify for a year's worth of crab dinners at the popular seafood restaurant.

A dozen Cheyney University students came prepared with lawn chairs and sleeping bags for a night of camaraderie. At 3 am, Latrina Johnson's parents came with coffee to fortify the group. CU student Anthony Towns, was the first in line, and Greg Harling II, who just received his BA from Cheyney University, and son Greg Harling III, were there for some family bonding. Their determination paid off, and by 11 everyone was enjoying a meal of stone crabs, shrimp and mussels, baked potatoes and corn, complements of Joe's Crab Shack.

"It worked out great," boasts Morris.  "I love seafood and students are always hungry.  I think we'll get the gang together and come back for our dinner next month. I also had a chance to connect with Joe's marketing and communications person about potential student internships.  There are lots of opportunities."