My Journey by Frank Mulbah

June 20, 2012

A survivor of the Liberian civil war, a proud Cheyney University student, intern, and aspiring leader.
I am Frank J. Mulbah, and I am originally from Liberia, West Africa. 

I am currently a student at Cheyney University, and I am studying political science.  I was raised and cared for by a single, lovely mother by the name of Sarah Samuka.  I was five years old when I last saw my father because of the 14 years of civil war that tore apart my native country. To secure our safety during the war, my mother and I left my father and crossed the border to Guinea, West Africa.  Because Guinea is a French speaking country, we found life difficult, confronting communication and other life challenges.

After a few years of struggle, we managed to get to Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana, West Africa.
While in an English speaking country, our lives were still confronted with many challenges; we often slept with hunger. My mother could not afford to send me to school and I was growing with age, and not improved educational condition. Friends of my age and below were able to speak and write better at a level beyond my own ability. But I never give up. I kept courage in myself by believing that “the race is not to the swift, but to he who endures at the end.” As part of my courage and strength, I began growing vegetable crops, earning an income just to better myself in education for the good of society. At one time, I was the oldest among my friends in both middle and high schools.

As God had it planned, in 2003 my mother came to the United States and in 2007, I also found myself in the land of opportunities.  In the United States, I was able to attend Delaware Community College. After completing the course along with some of my career classes in Political Science and Business Administration, I decided to transfer to Cheyney University. Again, at Cheyney I found a family; the Keystone Honor Academy along with other teaching and non-teaching staff.  The time, effort, knowledge, and advice of these individuals have played a great influence in my ability to pursue my dream.

Since I was a child, I have always dreamed of becoming a positive role model and an influential leader in society. For this reason, I have chosen political science as my field of study.  Thank God for Dr. Kent and Dr. Guidry who have worked along with me to become a member of the Harrisburg Internship Semester program (THIS), which will begin the fall semester of 2012.  As part of the preparation for the Harrisburg program, I had three interviews. One was with the Senate, the Representative, and the Joint State Government Commission, which gave me the motivation of my political dreams. By August 29th to the 31st, I will have an orientation with Senator Vincent Hughes and with other officials. Finally, by September 4, 2012, I will be an intern at the office of the State Senator Vincent Hughes. I will also be attending the Dixon University in Harrisburg. To further enhance my experiences and educational background in political science, I am currently serving as an intern at the Philadelphia City Hall with the Councilman, Curtis Jones Jr. I work with the Constituent Service Report (CSR).

The educational opportunities afforded me, and the internship experiences I am engaged in, are signs of success through my long awaited dream. To the Cheyney family and the Keystone Honor Academy, I thank you for your God-given love and support, and to all you have extended to me to become an efficient person in society. I believe that the love, support and recognition that I am receiving as a Cheyney student, would not be possible at any other institution. I made the right choice to be a part of the Cheyney family. This experience has really defined the true nature of family in society.

Thank you again for your unconditional love.
    Frank J. Mulbah