Cheyney University Gives High School Students A Jump Start

July 11, 2012

Under the direction of Professor  Jolly M. Ramakrishnan, Associate Professor and Chairperson
of Guidance and Counseling, over a dozen students from the Kensington Urban Education Academy are spending the week of July 8 on the Cheyney University Campus.  These rising sophomores and juniors are receiving a real-time college experience. 

They are living in Emlen Hall, dining at Ada Georges Dining Hall, and taking classes.  Each morning and afternoon they attend classes including SAT prep, technology action labs, and participate in a Hotel and Restaurant Management Project. Throughout the week they will attend workshops covering topics such as Transitioning from High School to College, How to Pick a College, Time Management, and How to Get the Most Out of College.  Evenings are reserved for lighter fare and include recreational time, Wii games, basketball  with Cheyney faculty and staff and a pizza social.   The program will culminate on Friday with an awards assembly.

Prof.  Ramakrishnan notes, "After the students have completed the week here on campus, we are confident that they will have seen all that college can offer, recognize that college is attainable for them and be inspired to apply to college in the next few years.  In addition they will have learned some valuable skills needed to become successful college students.  The skills acquired this week is a starting point for them to see all that they can do and the memories of relationships formed and experiences they have had while on campus with their peers will stay with them forever.  We hope to see some of them return to attend Cheyney University  in the future.”


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