Vision Quest Sets Up Camp at CU

August 6, 2012

Over 100 youth and 180 adults from Vision Quest converged on the hill overlooking the Cheyney University athletic fields for the weekend of August 3rd.  In spite of all the activity, there was a peaceful aura in the fields.  Dozens of tall white teepes had been set up - each housing a half dozen youth who would undergo a bonding experience over the weekend. 

Some campers had come in on horses - a signature activity for Vision Quest participants.  Long miles of traveling from as far west as Arizona, managing the horses on roads and trails. Controlling something bigger than themselves, the young men learned self-discipline and responsibility for the large animal in their care. Rest came as they reached the camp on the hill.

Activities over the three days included a campus tour, math challenges, games, sports activities and meals together.  The air on Saturday night buzzed as each group prepared for its performance under the twilight sky.  Musical acts, skits and improvisations that had been concocted over the previous day were played out in front of their peers.

Organizer Nobby Evenhus, of Tucson, Arizona, has worked with the group for 38 years. "I've been wagonmaster, Buffalo Soldier, pretty much everything over the years. He explained that the program is based on a belief that every child deserves the opportunity to heal their past and work toward a better future.

"Relationships are key at VisionQuest. We refer to our work as “Guided Centering” -- helping young people to find balance within themselves, with staff assisting them through this process. Our therapeutic approach borrows from the American Indian concept of a “medicine wheel” in which effective treatment requires a balance of strategies from several different directions."

Patience. Endurance. Responsibility. Self Control.  All leassons learned over the weekend on the hill at Cheyney University.