Cheyney University Kicks Off Middle States Reaffirmation of Accreditation

Shayla Prince

March 20, 2013

The Middle States Kickoff Event attracted more than 300 attendees

The Middle States Kickoff Event attracted more than 300 attendees


On Wednesday, March 13, 2013, Cheyney University kicked off its Middle States Reaffirmation of Accreditation in style with a celebration. Nearly 300 students, faculty members, staff and alumni came together in Marcus Foster Auditorium to learn more about the accreditation process, and were treated to music, fun, food and raffles for prizes.  
Middle States is the working abbreviation for the ongoing Cheyney Self-Study process we are engaged in. The Self-Study is being carried out in preparation for a spring 2014 visit to our campus from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). MSCHE is the accrediting organization for degree-granting colleges and universities in our region of the United States. Typically reaffirmation occurs about every ten years. Accreditation is important because it enables institutions to process and administer federal and state loans; establishes eligibility for federal research grants; and garners respect and standing among other institutions of higher education.
The Kickoff was held to let the university community know that process has begun and the University needs the help of all of its constituents to come out on top. Tasked with completing the Self-Study is the Cheyney MSCHE Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is comprised of faculty, staff, students, and administrators from across various departments on campus. Additionally, the committee includes a member of the Cheyney University Council of Trustees.  As part of the effort, the Steering Committee through four main working groups answer research questions, gather data on what Cheyney is doing well, what areas are in need of improvement, and what future path the University should follow. 
To this end, everyone who attended the Kickoff was also asked to complete mini-surveys about academic and administrative campus experiences, receiving a raffle ticket to possibly win a prize in return. There was also an anonymous suggestion box to allow for input. In addition, attendees were treated to reception style food and a performance by the Cheyney University of Pennsylvania Pep Band. 
Attendees were informed that while the University has made significant progress in preparation for its review, the process is ongoing. There will be more events coming up, as well as other ways to get involved. For instance, members of the Steering Committee will soon be organizing Focus Groups for members of the Cheyney community to share their opinion on a variety of issues. The PR & Events Committee also needs volunteers to organize and promote fun, engaging, informative and exciting events, and to get the word out to the entire university community. 
Finally, there is also a need for informed and energetic Middle States Ambassadors among all members of the Cheyney community. Ambassadors will be asked to promote all events, activities and efforts of the Steering Committee as they go about their usual routines as students, staff, faculty, administrators and alumni.
To volunteer to be a part of the process in any way, please contact Coordinator for Accreditation and Continuous Improvement, Shayla Prince at