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Adopting Community Service Projects

January 30, 2009

Dear Cheyney University Community,

As we move into Spring, we will once again see the beauty of nature and our campus. Spring is a time for renewal. As we appreciate this time of renewal and natural beauty, President Barack Obama reminds us to also renew our call towards public service, so that together we can change America. There are many needs in the Philadelphia community, in the Coatesville community, and in Chester County.

I am calling on our students, faculty, alumni and all stakeholders in Cheyney University to form teams that adopt specific community service projects. These projects could include beautifying an area, reading to children, and completing some home repair projects for some of our senior citizens. I hope these projects also include working with high school students. The disparity between achievement among various groups of students is alarming in our competitive economy. I hope that we adopt one or two high schools this Spring and work with groups of students to help increase the college-going rates among these students. Our students are good examples for high school students.

There is much to do. Remember, we can!

Michelle Howard-Vital


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I like that idea! I agree, we should help out the community and be the role models that our high school students need.I believe that we need to show the community that we can do good things. It is an opportunity to not only help the community but also to help out the environment.
Keisha White 4:28PM 05/01/09
I agree with the president. Seeing as though that we are all mature college students we should help out our communities, not just this spring but also all year long. I think this would be a good way to encourage people to go to college. Also i think this is a good way to promote cheyney and to help cheyney's reputation. Let people know that we are more than just a party college, we are a college that cares about our communties and strives for excellence.
Angelo Fields 4:28PM 05/01/09
Community for Youth transforms high school students who are struggling - with school, with family, with their direction in life - into young adults who have confidence, determination and self-awareness. Supported by a community of adult mentors who are relentlessly committed to their success, teenagers learn to make thoughtful choices, fulfill their commitments, acknowledge their mistakes and account for their actions. By taking control of their lives, students realize they can achieve more than they ever dreamed possible.
L. Macklin 4:27PM 04/30/09
We are starting to do good things with this community service projects. the big bro big sis thing turned out good. mentoring programs, and other service projects that were put together turned out as a success
Kyree Payne 4:27PM 04/29/09
I also agree, as President Michelle Howard-Vital stated that Cheyney University needs to form teams that adopt specific community service projects. To make this community as well as other communities a better place, I feel as we all as a University need to help pitch in and motivate young students all over the selected areas. I know that this will be a very pleasant idea because this project can inrease the overall number of students in college's/Universities. With the influene of young adults mentouring young students in high school is going to motivate them, just like everyone else has been motivated to coming to college. Therefore, as President Michelle Howard-Vital stated in her blog (which is the honest truth); President Barack Obama reminds us all to renew our call towards public service so that together we can change America!
Shavon Thompson 4:26PM 04/19/09
I agree with the president. The students of Cheyney do act like high school students and we're far from it. Look at how we treat our school, the things we do and say bring Cheyney down. It deeply makes us look bad yet we continue to do it. We need to start treating Cheyney like it's our home and not a house.
Anonymous 4:27PM 04/10/09
I also agree, with President Michelle Howard-Vital when she stated the issues on giving back to our local communities such as Philadelphia, Chester, and etc. I feel as if Cheyney University faculty and students should become more involved with the community, by helping out elderly citizens and some form of community service. The idea of adopting a high is very important, because we as college students are able to show high-school students that they can pursue a higher level of education.
Sammara Harris 4:27PM 04/08/09
I totally agree with what President Michelle Howard-Vital stated. This would make a huge change in our Cheyney family. I encourage this to be sent out to all cheyney Students in an email; to give back to their communities. I have volunteered over 200 hours in my high school years and earned an award for it. This could be a wonderful idea for Cheyney to have hours of community serives by doing community projects. We want Cheyney to have a GREAT name. This may influence young adults to help the younger generation. We must make a change just like President Barack Obama reminds us all to do.
Samantha Grier 4:26PM 03/27/09
I agree,there is a call to action now that we should all heed. While there are many going on at the University, I want to personally thank all the students who have participated in the mentoring porgrma with Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Since late last semester we have developed over 30 matches with Chester Charter School. I encourge more members of the University community to consider this opportunity as a way to give back. For those who are interested, we meet in room 211, Marcus Foster from 1:30-2:30PM. Just one hour a week. Stop by to sign up, you'll get just as much out of it as your mentee!!!
Eric 4:26PM 01/30/09



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