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October 25, 2010

Homecoming at Cheyney University is an opportunity to meet thousands of alumni. Even though there are numerous events and celebrations, there are a couple of events that seem to be signature events of Homecoming at the University. One of these is the Athletic Hall of Fame banquet and program. Another is the President’s Legacy Brunch, which ends the weekend. As I participated in my fourth Cheyney University Homecoming as president, the events once again renewed our faith in the indomitable human spirit and the enduring love of the Cheyney University community.

At this year’s Homecoming, eight individuals were inducted into the Athletics Hall of Fame. The banquet was sold out, and organizers are now wondering if next year’s event will need another venue. Even though the eight inductees were selected for the extraordinary athletic feats and contributions they performed during their journeys of self-discovery, it was their reflective shared stories that highlighted different facets of the spirit of Cheyney University.

I am convinced that stories of our human encounters—our triumph and our tragedies—teach us critical lessons with an emotional punch. While listening to their stories, it occurred to me that the true essence of this institution is the compilation of the thousands and thousands of stories of human lives being shaped by a community of individuals who were all integral parts of the history that is Cheyney University.

Shared stories such as these remind us of our higher selves, and they help us to continue to evolve as humans. Various authors, including John Seeley Brown, have reflected on the power of story-telling in organizations—stories help to explain, they can transform, and can help change behaviors in organizations.

When I reflect on the stories of the alumni of Cheyney University, I learn so much about the Cheyney University community at various times in its history. Because of these stories, I have come to see and better understand how this unique University community helped mold some very successful and internationally-renown Americans in a wide range of fields. However, no matter how successful and how distant their individual paths carried them, these unwavering alumni rededicated themselves to the University at the 2010 Homecoming celebration to ensure the availability of scholarships to bring forth the next generation of leaders—who in turn, will help to bring forth another generation of leaders, et cetera.

When Thou callest, Alma Mater,
Never shalt thou call in vain.

Congratulations Melissa Boyd, Zachary Crawford, Karen Draughn, Charles Logan, Samuel Mantegna, Aggrey Quintyn, Annette Rodgers, Kendall Southerland, and Clyde West on being inducted into the Cheyney University’s Athletic Hall of Fame! You make us proud! Thank you for sharing your stories with us!


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As a 1975 graduate of Cheyney I was excited to be back on campus to witness the renaisance underway, finally, new construction! To see many old friends and to meet the new generation.... and to introduce them to the Cheyney spirit and family....what an enjoyable experience! My 2 year old grandson Kingston (class of 2026) followed that great Cheyney band around the whole campus....GO CHEYNEY, he's already hooked......"never shalt thou call in vain".
Gary Horton 5:46PM 10/26/10



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