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August 23, 2011

Dear Students,

Welcome back to Cheyney University. It is my hope that you will have a very good year and move closer towards your personal and professional goals. You will note that the new 400 bed residence hall is progressing well. Many students before you worked to make this residence hall possible, so I know that you will respect their efforts by treating this new residence life community as a special home. Remember, this is our house, and we want to show our pride by keeping it beautiful and clean. We are also renovating Browne Hall and Humphrey's Hall, on the Quad, to include residence suites. A new science building is scheduled for construction later this year. It will be a state-of-the art facility for our faculty and students.

Dr. Robin Williams and Ms. Tammy Hilliard-Thompson are developing a learning community’s model for students in the University College model and the University community as a whole. It is our hope that the learning communities will be cohorts of students who will study together, take some classes together, and help each other through graduation. They welcome your ideas and assistance in developing more learning communities. Learning communities can be developed around themes such as science and math or around other interests such as photography, journalism, entrepreneurism, etc.

This should be a good year for us at Cheyney University. On October 13, 2011, we will have a special Ed Bradley lecture by Mr. Byron Pitts of 60 Minutes. I hope you plan to attend this lecture. It is free to all students, and I think you will appreciate Mr. Pitts' story. We also have an eclectic mix of talent for the Art and Lecture Series to help introduce you to the art and music of other cultures. I also hope you plan to attend these activities.

As you probably have noticed, there is a new outdoor basketball court, and we are preparing for the September 3rd Battle of the Firsts. We hope you will come out and cheer our CU football team to victory over the Lincoln University team.

Students, it is very important that you make the most of your time at Cheyney University. You are here to learn, develop your personal brand, and to prepare yourself for the very competitive workforce. Ms. Ruth Brice is the director of the Career Center (CCPD). She is there to help you develop the soft skills that are necessary for you to gain profitable employment. Additionally, Rev. Morris is also here to help you secure an internship by your junior year.

It is our hope that every student will participate in at least one internship before graduation. Our students have participated in internships with Disney, Vanguard, Walmart, and a host of other companies. We are constantly developing more internship sites, so please take advantage of this opportunity.

Well students, I hope to meet each of you personally this year. I expect for you to act as the intelligent and responsible young adults you are, and I expect you to dedicate yourself to excellence. You should leave Cheyney University with specialized information you can use to help you reach your dreams!


Michelle Howard-Vital, Ph.D.

President, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania


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They Will Be What They See

August 03, 2011

As we wind down the summer semester and prepare to welcome the incoming and returning students, I admit that I am facing the 2011-2012 year with both anticipation and anxiety.

During the four years that I have served as the University President, many of the students who started as freshmen have graduated, and they are beginning their adventures in law school, graduate school, medical school, or they are entering into the workforce with the goal of fulfilling their responsibilities as emerging leaders in a competitive, global society.

So, why the angst? In my conversations with students, I empathize with them as they prepare to leave the comfort and familiarity of campus. They are beset with numerous contradictory messages in their attempts to navigate the transition from secondary school to college, from dependence to independence, and from non-chalant consumers to independent thinkers and leaders.

My conversations with these millennials are both reminiscent of the 1970's and hopeful for the 2020's. Regardless of how they arrived at college or their experiences prior to coming, students usually arrive at college with hopeful and optimistic expectations that the college experience will have a positive effect on their lives and the lives of those they love. Yet, while seeking their versions of a better life, students also bring with them their past experiences with educational institutions, the non-verbal messages they have endured from various sources about what their lives are likely to be, and the indisputable economic and societal factors they encounter.

While listening to these students, and looking into their eyes, I also realize the awesome responsibility we have as educators, mentors, and teachers to demonstrate by example the values of hard work, compassion, altruism, patriotism, and integrity. It is our hope that our newly developed University College and the development of learning communities will assist with this transition, and enable our students to enjoy continued success in their personal and professional lives.

As the new academic year quickly approaches, I know that once again I will experience the anxiety of observing students make the transition from young adults to industry leaders and anticipate the joy of seeing the Class of 2012 make their way across the stage at Commencement.


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