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Cheyney University Police Department

Cheyney University employs a 24-hour Police and Security force aimed to serve, protect,and educate the campus community.

The Cheyney University Police Department enforces the laws, rules, and regulations of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and of Cheyney University, thereby safeguarding the welfare of the university community. Cheyney Police have 20 full time sworn police officers who have received their primary training under the Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Act (PA Act 120). This is the same required training that municipal police officers throughout Pennsylvania receive. Officers on campus participate in annual police update training under PA Act 180.

Police Officers employed at Cheyney University receive their police powers from the Governor of Pennsylvania and have full power of arrest for any violation of law on campus property. University Police are responsible for enforcing all Federal, State and Local laws in addition to the rules and regulations of the University. University Police are responsible for investigating all reports of criminal activity on campus and to coordinate with other law enforcement agencies as needed.

Police Officers patrol all of the buildings on our campus around the clock every day of the year. Patrol may be conducted in vesehicles, on foot or on police mountain bicycles. Police Officers not only respond to reported criminal incidents, but they also handle vehicle accidents, EMS incidents and a variety of service calls.

 Cheyney Police work very closely with the surrounding municipal police departments daily to provide for a safe and secure environment throughout the entire community. We also work with the campus Office of Judicial Affairs and hold students accountable for their behavior both on and off campus.

The Cheyney Police Department consists of:

  • Chief of Police                                                                              
  • Sergeant - Administrative
  • Sergeant - Detective Division
  • Sergeant - Patrol Division
  • 8 full time Police Officers  
  • 4 part time Police Officers  
  • Administrative Assistant - Clery Compliance Specialist                                                                                 
  • 3 full time Police Communication Officers
  • 3 part time Police Communication Officers
  • 8 Security Officer positions 
  • 2 part time Dispatchers

 Contractual security is used to supplement campus police during special events and activities.

Cheyney University Police Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Cheyney Police Department is to maintain a safe, orderly and inviting environment for  our students, employees and guests. 

Cheyney Police pursue this mission within the framework of the University's transformation objectives of resourcefulness, responsiveness, diversity, student success,  and human capitol.

Cheyney Police believe in these transformations and seek to provide service to the community through programs developed with these transformations as the foundation. 

Cheyney Police Officers personally and professionally commit themselves to the values of the Department. They seek to serve and be recognized as professionals.

How to Prepare for an Extreme Emergency on Campus

Guidelines are listed in the link below, that can help and assist our Cheyney Campus Community in the unlikely event of an Active Shooter.  Cheyney University Police Officers are highly trained in this area and will guide you in the right steps to take if we ever experience a situation such as the tragedy at Virginia Tech several years ago.  Guidelines have been developed for your protection.  Please take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with them so you know what to do in the event of a Violent Behavior Situation.

Remember, The best prevention is to BE PREPARED! 

Take a moment and watch our Power Point Presentation on Active Shooter instructions - Active Shooter

Cheyney Police Officers are highly trained to protect the University at all costs.  Officers go through mandatory training in all categories to handle dangerous situations.  All police officers in surrounding communities undergo Active Shooter training as well. 

Watch this video clip of how University Police train for potential Active Shooter situations to keep you safe from harm.

 Active Shooter Training Video


Be Prepared - Know what to do in an emergency!

Guidelines for Violent Behavior



Emergency Operating Plan


Please review our Emergency Operating Plan Quick Reference Guide so you can be prepared in the event of an Emergency. This guide is to assist faculty, staff and students in responding to a variety of emergency situations, which they may encounter at Cheyney University (CU) while working, attending classes or events, or living on campus. 

 Please become familiar with the contents of this guide. In the event of an emergency, it is designed to serve as a quick reference for effective action. New employees and students should be made aware of this guide during orientation. If there are any questions or comments regarding this guide, please contact the Cheyney Police Department at 610-399-2405 or Environmental Health and Safety Department at 610-399-2449 or Human Resources at 610-399-2410.

 In order to protect yourself and others, each CU faculty, staff and student should know what to do in an emergency. Your response to any incident must focus on minimizing injury and loss of life. Do not jeopardize your safety or the safety of others to protect the physical assets of the University.


CU Emergency Operating Plan Quick Reference Guide


Cheyney University is partially located in Delaware County.  Delaware County has an Emergency Alert System for weather and emergencies.  Please be sure to sign up for the Delco Alert at this link:  

Delco Alert System



Chief of Police:
Lawrence W. Richards

Department Contact Information:
(610) 399-2405/2330 phone
(610) 399-2146 fax

McKnight Rogers