New & Transfer Student Move-In Day Information


Welcome to Cheyney University! 

The Office of Residence Life and Housing hopes that you are gearing up
for your arrival to campus!
In order for all residents residing on campus to have a smooth transition upon their arrival to campus, this information is being provided to you as a proactive measure to assist with your move-in day transition.  Please be advised of the following updates and reminders:


Check-In for New Students: 

The Residence Life and Housing staff is excited and has been preparing for your arrival. All students are reminded to adhere to all university and move-in day policies, procedures, and guidelines to ensure that they have a smooth and seamless check-in process on their designated move-in days. Move-in Days are:

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 24, 2013 and Friday, January 25, 2013

Students are advised that all offices close promptly at 5:00 p.m.

You are highly encouraged to arrive early. Before arriving to campus, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure that they have reviewed their student account and all university obligations have been resolved and clearance from the Bursar's Office has been acquired. Be advised that new students will not be permitted to check-in to any residence halls without the appropriate clearance from the Bursar's Office which means a student is fully enrolled.


Arriving on Campus & Parking:

All students should arrive on campus through the main entrance located on Creek Road. You can park in the Marcus Foster Student Center parking lot.


Students should proceed to the first floor of the Marcus Foster Student Center and check in at the registration table. Students will be directed by the university staff as to the next steps in the registration process if there is unresolved university business.  If there are no unresolved university related business to complete, students will be directed to the Residence Life staff for their housing assignment.

Housing Assignments: 

New & transfer students will be issued their housing assignments on move-in day. The office is located on the 2nd floor of Burleigh Hall should you have any questions. If you have not paid your $120 Non-refundable housing deposit and submitted your Housing Request form and Student Housing Agreement, you will need to complete these forms prior to arriving to campus on January 24th or 25th.  Be advised that students will not be allowed to move into the residence halls if they have not paid their housing deposit, submitted a Housing Request form and Student Housing Agreement. 

CU Identification Card:

All new and transfer students must have a valid Cheyney University ID card to check-in to their assigned residence halls. After receiving your housing assignment, students will proceed to the Information Technology Office located on the first floor of Vaux-Logan Hall to obtain their CU ID card. You must carry your CU ID at all times while on campus. This card also serves as your card access to your assigned residence hall and your meal card. In addition, students will not be permitted to dine in the dining facilities without a CU ID card unless they pay cash.

Residents will be issued a security sticker that is to be placed on the ID and that identifies the residence hall that they are assigned to for security purposes. This sticker must be affixed to your ID at all times. If your card is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can obtain a replacement card at a cost of $24.00 (Please make payments to the Bursar's Office located on the 1st floor of the Wade Wilson Building) from IT Services on the 1st floor of the Vaux-Login building after the fee is paid. If your ID card is damaged and has to be replaced, you must return the original ID card. Students should not have duplicate ID Cards or give their ID cards to other individuals.

Unloading & Checking In:

Once a student has received their housing assignment card and their CU ID card, they can proceed to their assigned residence hall. Students must move their belongings into their assigned room as quickly as possible to minimize the wait time for other students. Once you have completed your move-in process, you must move your vehicle quickly and park in the parking areas designated for students (Motorcycle Parking Lot located on campus at the top of the hill).

Room Condition Form (RCF):

The Resident Advisors (RAs) have inspected all rooms/suites and completed a Room Condition Form that will list any damages and/or irregularities found in the room.  Students are highly encouraged to re-inspect their room on move-in day and note any concerns that may have been missed during the inspection.  Students must sign this form and can add any missed concerns within 24-hours that are not listed on the form. Students are responsible for maintaining the initial condition of the room and reporting concerns to their RA(s). 

Key & Emergency Contact Information Card:

Students will be required to complete this card upon checking into their assigned hall.  Be sure to read both sides and complete the card thoroughly.

General Parking for the Year:

Freshmen students are not permitted to have cars on campus. Students are advised to read and follow all University parking regulations as posted and as advertised on the Public Safety website. New and transfer students should contact Public Safety at (610) 399-2405 for any parking related questions.

Open Room Change Period:

Will take place for all students who wish to move to another room and /or residence hall beginning the 3rd week of each semester (February 3rd through 15th) if space is available.  Students should be aware that space is typically limited during the spring semester. The Open Room Change Process will be posted in your residence halls during this time period. However, we encourage all students to make the attempt to resolve roommate/suitemate issues professionally and respectfully.

E2 Campus Safety:

All students are highly encouraged to sign up for the E2 Campus Safety Services which serves as CU’s Emergency Alert System. You will receive messages/instructions in the event of an emergency (such as facility evacuations, severe weather, school closings, etc.).  Log on to the website at,  enter “E2 Campus” in the search box and follow all instructions. Students should register the Public Safety phone number (610 399-2405) in their cells phones for use should an emergency arise.

Ada Georges Dining Hall & the Snack Bar:

Students are required to present their CU IDs to the Metz staff in order to dine in either facility.  Students who do not have a valid CU ID may pay cash or will be required to obtain a replacement ID.  Be advised that all students must be familiar with and abide by all CU & Metz dining policies and procedures. Students will not be allowed to dine in either facilities without their CU ID card or cash.

Microwaves & Refrigerators:

  •  Microwaves:  As a reminder microwave units must be no larger than 0.7 cubic feet.  Any microwaves over 0.7 cubic feet is prohibited and considered a fire safety hazard in the residence halls. Any student in possession of a microwave unit that is larger than 0.7 cubic feet will be required to take the unit home.
  • Refrigerators: The size limit on any refrigerator is 3.6 cubic feet. Any refrigerators over 3.6 cubic feet are prohibited and considered a fire safety hazard in the residence halls. Any student in possession of an illegal microwave will be required to take the unit home. 

Student Housing Agreement: 

Each student will be required to complete a Student Housing Agreement prior to moving into their assigned residence hall. This contract is for the 2012-2013 academic year and is binding. Students must read and abide by the contract in its entirety.

Mandatory Hall and Floor Meetings:

There will be mandatory hall and floor meetings for each residence hall.  Signs will be posted as to the date, time, and location of these meetings.  The Residence Life and Housing Staff will be discussing important information, programming opportunities, etc.  Please plan to attend so that you can make sure that your year begins on a positive note and that you are informed as well as successful!


The staff in the Office of Residence Life and Housing
is looking forward to meeting you!

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the staff in your building and/or our office.