new residence hall

The newest addition to our residence halls offers an amazing view of campus, is connected to the University’s historic quadrangle, and will be a premier suite-style living and learning community (LLC) that seeks to support the development of students’ holistic learning and experiences while in higher education. This LLC is based on the principle that students, while guided by faculty and staff, are often the best learning resources for other students. Here, students can be part of a diverse and exciting network of individuals who will be learning in an atmosphere of mutual respect and intellectual exploration, participate in the exchanging of ideas and information, increased opportunities for collaborations, and take part in various interdisciplinary living and learning opportunities.
The LLC at Cheyney University will be comprised of a cohort of students who share common academic interests, live together on a suite-style wing or floor, participate in activities together, and are also enrolled in a group of related courses. By integrating faculty with the undergraduate residential experience, faculty, staff, and students develop a sense of interconnectedness and a mutual concern for the enrichment of their collegiate experience. In addition, the LLC will provide out-of-the classroom interactions between students, staff, and their faculty in common area venues conducive to quality studying, informational meetings, lectures, and collaborative projects located within the residence hall.
Our spacious and air-conditioned single, double, and quad suites, offer private and semi-private rooms and bathrooms. Each carpeted suite is comprised of a furnished common area, mini-refrigerator and microwave oven. In addition, each room consists of a basic cable and Ethernet connections that links directly to the University network and the Internet. Convenience and access to laundry facilities, trash disposal room, vending machines, lounges, conference room, and study lounges throughout the facility are provided. Members of the LLC will also have access to a recreational room and a mini snack area.