Policy and Procedures

Being a Wolf

At Cheyney University we believe that KNOWLEGDE IS POWER!

In order to become familiar with having an active and enjoyable experience on campus and to be a part of life at Cheyney University we encourage all of our students to read the Student handbook.


Every student at Cheyney University is held accountable to the Student Code of Conduct and for being knowledgeable about all policies. Students should make every effort to inform their visitors and guests as well.

Our goal is to allow students a safe environment conducive to their learning experience. If you have questions regarding a policy or procedures, ASK SOMEONE (Resident Advisors, Manager of Housing Operations, Public Safety, University staff, etc...).

If you are unsure, do not guess, ASK SOMEONE. Remember, as both adults and students, it is your responsibility to know the policies and procedures so that you have a fulfilling experience during your years at Cheyney University.

Important: Please review the Student Handbook specifically on Housing.

The following is a list of important policies and procedures:

Charges & Fees     

  • Common Area Damages Policy
  • Fire Safety
  • Furnishings
  • Guest Policy     
  • Housing Assignments
  • Identification (ID) Card & Key Policy