Wolf Pact Agreement 

 To assist in the process of students beginning a proactive and healthy relationship with their roommate(s), each student will have the opportunity to begin the discussion to create and establish mutual guidelines and rules (room and suite visitation, guests, cleaning schedule of the common areas in the suite, study habits, sleeping habits, etc.) for their living learning space. All students are required to complete the CU WOLF PACT Agreement and submit it to their Resident Advisor. Each room and suite will be given a copy for their living space.

The purpose of this agreement is to give residents sharing a room/suite the opportunity to examine each other’s personal living style and preferences, while ensuring that the rights of each individual resident are respected. Learning to accept each other’s differences without infringing upon one another’s freedom is an invaluable part of the learning experience. As students discuss the various points of this form, working toward achieving an agreement that is reasonable and is agreeable to all affected parties, they should keep in mind that at no time are they permitted to supersede the Terms and Conditions of the current Student Housing Agreement, Student Code of Conduct, the Student Handbook, and/or Local, State, and Federal Laws.

Please feel free to print a copy of the WOLFPACT Agreement below: