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Office of Residence Life and Housing

Burleigh Hall

Welcome to the Office of Residence Life and Housing!

The Office of Residence Life and Housing is a unit in the Division of Student Affairs and Student Life. Our office is responsible for the general operations of housing, opportunities for learning and practicing the positive values of community living, University policy enforcement, and providing educational opportunities that foster personal growth and development as the student is learning to evolve individually yet collectively in a group environment. Located on the 2nd floor of Burleigh Hall, our office is comprised of a team of professional and para-professional staff who are responsible for assisting all students and the University community in all aspects of living on campus and student housing. You will find that the residential life team is knowledgeable in University policies, procedures, and overall information related to the on campus living learning experience.

In addition, our office is responsible for hosting a wide range of programs, community service projects, and events for all students to take advantage of in the living learning environment and the campus community. Such programs offer an array of diverse opportunities to get involved in spiritual, educational, social, recreational, and athletic events to enhance students' overall living-learning experiences. All students are highly encouraged to get involved and participate in these programs as well as work with the staff to collaborate and implement their own programming suggestions and ideas. The Residence Life and Housing program also provides opportunities for academic support activities, hall meetings, college adjustment services, wellness activities, and social group interactions.

The four residence halls at Cheyney University can accommodate over 1,200 students for single gender and coeducational living learning arrangements in a picturesque and historic setting. Martin Luther King Hall, Sojourner Truth Hall and the New Residence Halls are reserved for all students (new, transfer, non-traditional, and upper-class students). Additionally, Emlen Hall accommodates the Keystone Honors Academy students with approval by the Dean of the program. 

Although the university maintains a 24-hour police force and a part-time security force, we believe that residential safety and security is every member of the residential living community's responsibility to include visitors. Residents are required to show a valid CU identification card as requested and to enter their assigned residence hall. Everyone is required to be signed into the residence hall that they are visiting by a resident of that hall. Similarly, guests are required to have a valid picture identification and must have a resident of the residence hall that they are visiting sign them into the hall.

The residence halls opening coincides with the date of registration for new and returning students and closes on the day immediately following the last scheduled exam at the end of the semester. Residence Halls close at 6:00 p.m. on Fridays except for the Thanksgiving Break which is 10:00 a.m. the day before the holiday. Students are responsible for making travel arrangements to accommodate campus closing dates. Residence halls will not be open to students before or after the established opening and closing times announced on the University website.

Commuter students and visitors may visit the residence halls at times designated by the Visitation Policy and must adhere to all Residence Life and Housing and University policies and procedures.

All members of the CU community are invited to become acquainted with the staff. The Office of Residence Life and Housing is committed to serving as a liaison and resource agent for you to assist with your success and acclimation to the campus as a member of the CU community!

Contact Information

The Office of Residence Life and Housing is located on the 2nd floor of Burleigh Hall.


Elisabeth Ann Burton
Manager of Housing Operations & Auxiliary Services

Dana James
Administrative Assistant


Please send all Residence Life and Housing inquiries to


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Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
Office of Residence Life & Housing
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