New Export Control Guidelines



Export Control involves more than you might think.  In most people's minds, "Export Control" connotes incidents happening in another country!  Did you know that export control violations can occur right here on our campus? 

 A PASSHE committee of managers from university and system sponsored research, procurement, human resources, and IT have developed draft guidelines for compliance with the United States Export Control Laws.  These guidelines have now been finalized into a formal Procedures/Standards Number 2012-14, signed by the Chancellor on October 12, 2012.  You can access them by clicking here.

You can also learn more by logging on to PASSHE’s Export Controls web page by clicking here.

 Each PASSHE university has designated points of contact who are responsible for different aspects of Export Control.  Cheyney University's contacts are:                                        

·        Human Resources - Ms. Jo-Anne Harris   

·        Information Technology - Mr. Sheng Yao             

·        International Education - Dr. Norma George   

·        International Travel - Dr. Bernadette Carter              

·        Procurement - Ms. Layna Holmes-Butler     

·        Sponsored Research - Mr. Lawrence Green