Student Government Cooperative Association, Inc. (SGCA). The SGCA is the official student “voice” regarding policies that govern the general welfare of students. Every student attending Cheyney is required to pay a student activities fee that entitles students to full membership in the SGCA. Student activity fees enable the SGCA to initiate and coordinate programs, activities, and services that assist the university in making an impact on students’ academic lives and overall development. Each year, activities are provided to enhance students’ cultural, social, and political awareness. Recreation and leisure time activities are also provided to give students opportunities to participate in leadership training and personal development seminars.

More than 30 clubs, organizations, and co curricular activities are eligible to be funded through the SGCA. These clubs and organizations have evolved to satisfy the widely diverse interests and needs of students. Co-curricular activities are an important part of each student’s education and should be chosen with care. Some broaden one’s outlook and interests, while others serve to develop self-assurance and confidence, both socially and professionally. All activities, however, are designed to promote respect for the uniqueness and rights of the individual, as well as respect for opportunities to exercise those rights within a democratic, social setting.

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Our Office Location is Marcus Foster Student Union Blg.  Room 217

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