Internships in telecommunications & media Services






Internship opportunities in Cheyney University’s Telecommunications and Media Services department are available to Cheyney University Communication Arts majors who follow University guidelines for acceptance into the internship program. 



Students participating in this program must meet all University prerequisite requirements in order to be considered and qualified for acceptance of an internship in the Office of Telecommunications and Media Services, and to receive credit upon completion of the program (further details can be obtained from the Humanities and Communication Arts department).  Skills and proficiency in video production (remote camera) and non-linear editing (Final Cut Pro) are required,  graphic design skills a plus.


Duties, Responsibilities and Expectations

Internship students will assist department personnel in various areas of multimedia production, including but not limited to:  video production (remote and studio), non-linear video editing, graphic design, project management, audio/visual event productions, office assignments.  Students will report to the Director of Telecommunications and Media Services.  Scheduling will be determined at the beginning of the semester, and students are expected to report to the office on time and meet all required assignments and/or deadlines in a timely and professional manner.


Students will participate in various video production and post production activities, and they will receive hands-on training related to camera operation, non-linear editing and production techniques.  Students will be expected to produce, write, shoot and edit one 30 second promo and/or commercial by the completion of the internship.  Each student will receive one copy of their final promo/commercial project. 


Students will be required to report to their University internship coordinator on a regular basis and to fulfill all internship requirements (including written reports) as assigned by the internship coordinator.



For more information about this internship program, contact Phil Pagliaro, Director of Telecommunications and Media Services,