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Welcome new Freshmen & New Transfer Students

Congratulations and welcome to the Cheyney University Family! I would like to take a few minutes to personally welcome you to our family and also share some important information as it relates to your academic success for the upcoming academic year. You are an official member of the University College. This means you are entitled to numerous services to assist you in succeeding at Cheyney University.

The University College model and strategies are comprehensively developed to focus on the following components for new first time freshmen and new first time transfer students:

All new students will be placed in a learning community based on interest and intended major. Learning Communities are focused living learning groups that will strengthen your ability to succeed at Cheyney University. We assist you in developing a full understanding how you learn, and what steps you need to take to supplement your learning career as a member of the University community and our global society. We prepare you as graduates for your work in a diverse population and a diverse world.

Cheyney University is committed to increasing retention and graduation rates! That means failure is not an option in the University College. The following is a list of services that you may take advantage of Your First Day at Cheyney University:

  • Tutoring in All Subject Areas- Free of Charge!
  • A Peer Mentor in your subject area to guide you towards graduating ON TIME
  • Student Engagement- Learning Communities with peers of like interest
  • Educational Programs – Entertainment that will stimulate and engage your mind in intellectual thoughts and healthy debates
  • Workshops working with Test Taking Strategies, Time Management, Communication Skills (verbal and nonverbal)
  • The Writing Center- Assistance in becoming a well rounded communicator (written)

Welcome to our campus! Take your time and learn how the University College provides all of the ingredients for a quality education.

Contact Information

Phone: (610) 399-2604
Fax:     (610) 399-2411

Burleigh Hall (Main office 2nd floor)

Email: Universitycollege@cheyney.edu

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