Changing your Major

The truth is the average student changes their major at least three times while in college. Are you thinking about changing your major? Do you need help deciding what major is right for you? Before deciding to change your major look over the checklist to see if these warning signs apply to you:

♦  Do you find yourself bored in your current major courses?
♦  Are you performing poorly in your major courses?
♦  Are you constantly wondering about other major choices?
♦  Did you choose your current major without much thought?

The key to choosing a major is to take your time and do some research. Think about the classes you have taken so far and how you did in them. Talk to advisors, faculty, family and friends about their thoughts. Look into internships. Talk to people already doing what you are thinking about to get a better perspective. Utilize the campus resources that are available to all Cheyney University students.

After you have done your research and decided that you want to change your major you will need to fill out the Declaration of Major/Minor---Change of Major/Minor Application and bring it to the respective department for processing.  You should then set up an appointment with someone in that department to see how the classes you have taken so far will transfer over.